About our Eco Mind

Welcome! As you've seen this is our little eco shop, designed to offer eco minded things for those who like products that are environmentally friendly. Its our way of giving back in a small way, to help encourage people to live sustainably.

We're eco enthusiasts based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, who over the years have slowly reduced our own waste by making better choices of products we use as we go. Our perspective is to use what you have as long as you can do, and once existing products need replacing then choose to buy products that wont cause a negative impact on the world.

We have a family, with little ones, who's future is relying on everyone to move in the same direction. We'd love you to consider, and hopefully take, the same eco minded perspective we have and choose better products to use in your life.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or thoughts on our shop! Drop us a line on the Contact Page.


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