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The Turtle Tribe



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We just LOVE 'The Turtle Tribe' bamboo toothbrushes. They have a 100% compostable handle and SOFT nylon bristles, suitable for adults and children.

The tip of each toothbrush is colour coded (white, green, pink or blue), so you know which one is yours!

Please advise at checkout what colour preference you have, in the 'Additional Delivery Notes' section.  The price is for one toothbrush.

Directions for use:

·         Before 1st use soak head of toothbrush in water for 3 minutes.

·         Write your name and replacement month on the handle.

·         Brush twice a day for 3 minutes.

·         Rinse brush after use and allow to air dry.

·         Recommend replacing every 3 months.

Disposal: compost the bamboo handle after removing the nylon bristles 

Additional information:

The Turtle Tribe was founded in 2018 by Aussie kidpreneur Ned Heaton (aged 11), who's on a mission to reduce plastic in our oceans. The toothbrushes have been designed in Australia by Ned and his dentist. Manufactured in China using panda-friendly MOSO bamboo. BPA free.

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